Being a Superhero: Saving a Baby’s Life

Being a superhero for your own family or someone else’s is an immense responsibility – but it is one you are capable of handling. Seeing a baby choke or struggle to breathe is an unforgettable sight, one that elicits panic and turmoil. Stay calm and collected to properly handle the situation. A calm mindset, proper preparedness, and CPR training will arm you with the knowledge and power to be a superhero.

Most arrests in babies occur from lack of oxygen due to choking on food or even a toy. If you are unaware as to why a baby is not breathing, immediately perform CPR. Every second counts, and transforming into a superhero is vital in this moment.

Here are essential steps to applying your cape and saving a baby’s life:

Check for Response:

  • Flick the baby’s feet in an attempt to elicit a response, a cry, or movement
    • Do not shake the baby
  • Call 911


  • If there is no response:
    • Place the baby on his or her back on a firm, flat surface
    • Preferably, the surface is a table that puts the baby at your waist level
    • If this is not possible, the floor will suffice


  • Place one hand or two fingers just below the baby’s nipple line in the center of the chest
  • Compress the chest about 1.5 inches
  • Perform 30 compressions before you perform two breaths
    • Count out loud to maintain rhythm, know how many you are on, and to calm yourself during a stressful situation
  • 100-120 compressions in one minute is your goal


  • Place one hand on the baby’s forehead and two fingers under the baby’s chin
  • Gently tilt the baby’s head back
  • Cover the baby’s mouth and nose with your mouth
  • Give two breaths, slowly
    • Leave one second in between each breath
  • Assess for chest rise and fall

Being a superhero isn’t easy. It’s a tough job, but you are more than prepared to perform your duties. Get CPR certified and earn your cape. Remain calm, recall your knowledge, and be the guiding force in any emergency situation. CPR saves lives and, with certification, you can, too.

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